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The Bio-Electronic View of Disease

 When we begin to realize that illness often begins with subtle imbalances in the human energy field, completely undetectable through conventional diagnostic technologies, we can understand why pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures (often life-saving in the gravely ill or injured person) need to be complimented with ‘bio-energetic medical interventions,’ in addition to nutritional/biological and psychological support, for the most comprehensive patient care.
Although the theory of Chi life-energy (called the Vital Force in European natural medicine) may seem very abstract to logical Western thinking, European researchers have validated the existence of these acupuncture points by electrical conductivity readings. Since these topical acupoints have a lower electrical resistance, that is the basis of our ability to ‘electrically read’ the energy field of the corresponding organs and tissues. Information received in this manner can suggest the status of the various organs of the body, the possible presence of an environmental irritant, a viral or bacterial infection, or, even, an allergic hypersensitivity state. (More info click on BioEnergetic Medicine and the Coming Revolution in Health Care).

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