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Natural path consulting takes a unique approach to building health by combining the traditional healing methods with the latest technological advances in the field alternative and natural healthcare. For more detailed information click and the individual links to the left.

Healing vs Supression

Symptoms and manifestations of illness are often confused with and labeled as the actual disease.  From a natural health perspective, symptoms are viewed as manifestations of an underlying imbalance as a result of excesses or deficiencies.  They indicate an underlying energetic imbalance as being the true source of disease. Expressing as physical tissue changes or emotional and mental imbalances, these symptoms are sourced by an underlying energetic imbalance.  All symptoms can be viewed as a biologically purposeful response by the body to regain balance and establish healing.

Most modern medical techniques have advanced to bring relief through suppression of symptoms. The manifestation may seem to disappear, however, this is misleading as the underlying mechanism continues and the suppressed symptoms will eventually resurface in another, often more critical organ.  

Rather than seeking eradication, Homeopathy and Natural Health Care recognizes these symptoms as the body’s attempt to regain health by alerting the mind to an imbalance.  Remedies work with the body’s natural defense mechanisms to eliminate that which is the source of imbalance, strengthen the immune system and the body is empowered to heal itself.  Rather than viewing them as an enemy to be attacked, symptoms can be embraced as a personal road map to healing.