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Amazing Research Results in Energy Medicine!

Posted 10/09/2022 13:12:56
Category: Articles & News

Amazing Research Results in Energy Medicine Study of BioAcoustic Frequencies and the EESystem "Cube"

(Gretchen Weger Snell, PhD, DNM & Kate Hart)

The Healing Power of the Human Energy Field 

 One of the main difficulties for the acceptance of energy medicine is the challenge of demonstrating its beneficial effects through observable and measurable means. The wisdom of the inextricable link between the physical and the subtle energy bodies is fundamental to healing systems for numerous indigenous cultures around the globe. Yet, the healing power of the human energy field is ignored by conventional Western medicine. 

Groundbreaking research in medicine demonstrates that regulation and communication within living organisms can no longer be adequately explained through strictly chemical mechanical means. Rather, it is the primacy of electromagnetic frequencies and vibrations that attenuate cellular receptors facilitating communication within living organisms. A study was designed to monitor the effects of the integrating an existing, proven modality, the BioAcoustics of Sayonic Therapy with the EESystem Qube. 

To read the study click here ==> Research Study

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