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Blog Archives: Month of March, 2021

Interview on Harmonic Frequencies with Nicholas Veniamim

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Watch the live interview here ==>  https://www.bitchute.com/video/E5BNV9CReZpx/

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Classes / Workshops

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Discover the Healing Power of Your Human Energy Field - The Five Paths of Power

Learn to interact and direct the innate wisdom in your energy body. Working with your energy field can be one of the most important tools to achieve optimal health.  Energy that has been stored in maladaptive energy "cysts" is vital energy that can be freed and utilized to positively impact your healing trajectory.

The condition of your mindset creates your reality. The condition of your physical body determines your ability to achieve your goals. BUT ==> The condition of your energy body determines your capacity to create both. Yet most of us have had scarcely any education regarding the hidden wisdom and extraordinary healing power of the energy body.

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