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In 1955, Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, integrated modern medical science with principles of homeopathy founding the science of Homotoxicology.  Dr. Reckeweg first witnessed the power of homeopathy when his father was cured of a degenerative kidney disease. At that point he dedicated his life to the integration of the two approaches to medicine (homeopathy and allopathy).  In his philosophy, Dr. Reckeweg stated that, “All disease is biologically goal oriented and serves in detoxification of the system and repair of damage. All processes that we call diseases are expressions of biologically appropriate mechanisms against exogenous or endogenous homotoxins (excretion, reaction, deposition), or the attempt of the body to compensate for the homotoxic damage sustained (impregnation, degeneration, neoplasm).”

In other words, toxins that accumulate in the extracellular matrix will block the function of a healthy cell by obstructing the flow of nutrients in and out of the cell.  Toxins are both the by-products of internal cellular metabolism, and external such as viruses, bacteria, drugs and environmental poisons. The amount and duration of the toxic load affects the body’s inherent capacity for healing.  Often, disease symptoms manifest as the body’s attempt to detoxify these poisons.  This overload of toxins disturbs the flow of nutrients to and from the cell resulting in imbalances throughout the organism that eventually manifests as disease.  Very often a secondary illness develops as an expression of the defensive action of the body to the toxins.

The goal of therapy with homotoxicological remedies is the removal of the toxic blockade in the extracellular matrix, thus restoring the flow of nutrients to the individual cell.  Homotoxicological remedies promote healing by unblocking enzymatic pathways, draining of toxins from the connective tissue and restoring cellular neurotransmissions.

As long as the DNA remains intact, the cell retains its original instructions for healthy replication.  Furthermore, the regenerative process is aided by the ability to absorb the proper nutrients and eliminate toxic cellular waste. The body thus gains forward movement with its innate ability to heal itself.